To be able to realize the mandate of the Tridharma of Higher Education with quality, the Telecommunication Engineering Technology Applied Undergraduate Program formulates a vision as the direction of ideals to be achieved in the future through several stages and by involving internal and external stakeholders. As a work unit that is an integral part of Telkom University, the vision of the Bachelor of Applied Telecommunication Engineering Technology is formulated in harmony and consistency with the vision of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Telkom University. The vision and mission are ultimately very important for formulating the curriculum of the study program.


“To become a superior vocational program in applied research and entrepreneurship in 2023 that plays an active role in the development of applied technology in the Broadband Telecommunications Field”.

The substance of the vision of the Telecommunication Technology Engineering Applied Bachelor Study Program can be explained as follows:

Vocational Program is intended as a study program that prepares and directs the competence of its students to the development and mastery of certain applied skills and expertise.

  1. The field of applied research is intended as a field of science and skills that are pursued to be developed in the context of education, research, community service, and cooperation.
  2. The field of Entrepreneurship means that the Telecommunication Technology Engineering Applied Undergraduate Study Program prepares students to be able to develop themselves as independent technopreneurs.
  3. The field of Broadband Telecommunications means that the Telecommunications Technology Engineering Applied Bachelor Study Program focuses on the study of Broadband telecommunications.


  1. Organizing vocational education in the field of telecommunications technology and producing graduates who are able to develop professionalism in the field of Broadband Telecommunications.
  2. Developing, disseminating, and applying applied technology in the field of broadband telecommunications technology that is recognized by the industry with international standards.
  3. Produce applied works in the field of broadband telecommunications technology that are oriented to the needs of industry and society.
  4. Developing cooperation with national and international industries and communities.
  5. Develop skills to become technopreneurs who are able to develop businesses independently.


  1. To produce graduates who have high competitiveness
  2. To produce resources that have a nationalist, professional, entrepreneurial spirit and international insight
  3. Produce creative works that meet the needs of national and international industry and society.
  4. Realizing the concept of link and match through cooperation with industry, society and government.
  5. To produce graduates who are able to develop independent businesses in the field of Boadband Telecommunication technology.

Study Program Objectives

The objectives of the Telecommunication Technology Engineering Applied Undergraduate Study Program are directed at the results of graduates to have the following qualifications:

  1. Provide students with an understanding of the basic knowledge and skills to handle both routine and contextual work in the field of telecommunications engineering, including testing, installation, operation and maintenance.
  2. Provide students with a broad insight into contemporary developments in accordance with their competence in the field of telecommunications engineering skills and related aspects at the national and international scope.
  3. Provide students with good communication skills, good command of English, managerial ability to supervise independently according to professional ethics with high professional performance, independent personal development skills or entrepreneurial attitudes, have lifelong learning principles and have devotion and noble character so that they are able to prepare themselves for a complex work environment.
  4. Provide a learning environment that suits the needs of the world of work in the form of innovative programs that are sharp, challenging, open and conducive.