The Telecommunication Engineering Diploma Study Program was established on May 30, 1991 with the Decree Number of the establishment of the study program No. 0271/0/1991. Accredited A according to SK BAN-PT Number No.026/BAN-PT/Ak-XII/DpL-III/X/2012, dated October 18, 2012. Graduates of the Diploma 3 Telecommunication Engineering Study Program have competence in the field of broadband telecommunication technology in accordance with current technological development and focus on the ability to operate, install and maintain telecommunication equipment. The degree of the graduate of the Telecommunication Engineering Diploma Study Program is A.Md.T or Telecommunication Associate Expert.

Study Program Competencies

  1. Provide students with an understanding of the basic knowledge and skills to handle both routine and contextual work in the field of telecommunications engineering, including testing, installation, operation and maintenance.
  2. Provide students with a broad insight into contemporary developments in accordance with their competence in the field of telecommunications engineering skills and related aspects at the national and international scope.
  3. Provide students with good communication skills, good command of the English language, managerial ability to supervise independently according to professional ethics with high professional performance, independent personal development skills or entrepreneurial attitude, have lifelong learning principles and have devotion and noble character so that they are able to prepare themselves for a complex work environment.
  4. Provide a learning environment that suits the needs of the world of work in the form of innovative programs that are sharp, challenging, open and conducive.



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